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TYM – An easy way to measure progress

Innovations in research have come a long way with the advent of technology. However, there is a lot that needs to be done in order to make research more streamlined. One of the biggest drawbacks in the field of research, monitoring and evaluation is that there is a lack of funds and a lot of costly things to do, especially in the development sector. For any entity to conduct research, they require time and money. Their hearts may be big, but pockets are unfortunately empty. This makes it hard for small organisations and academic researchers to be able to conduct robust research in the fields of their interest – be it health, education, water, hygiene or sanitation.

This brings in a need for a self-reporting tool enabling researchers who may have solid, well defined research questions. A survey typically needs to be written, vetted, piloted, re-written, vetted again and then conducted on the field with a well representative sample.

If I was told today that I could conduct a survey with survey questions pre-prepared and pre-tested; data, collected through an easy-to-use data collection tool and app-visualised with ease at a click of the button; and a basic templates to generate reports, I’d be more than satisfied.

Track Your Metrics, does just that! Launched by Outline India, TYM is a web-based online platform and an Android Application that provides cost and time effective methods for continuous, data-driven impact assessment to address the challenges that they face, making their work much easier. With different languages to choose from, and a master survey bank to pick questions from, the whole process happens at the click of a button, quite literally!

Not only from the researcher’s end, but funders and donors also gain some confidence and assess the legitimacy of the projects they invest in. This makes it easier to put trust in projects, make them scalable and generalizable quickly. Reports backed by data is what funders are looking for – and TYM allows users to prepare a report using the data collected as part of their project’s evaluation.

TYM is an easy, all-in-one, quantitative research analysis package that makes quantitative and qualitative methods of inquiry accessible to all. Such a tool builds a strong foundation for the researcher for the completion of research – from start to end. All-in-all, such a tool seems to be the real reason why technology became so important in the world - to make our lives easier!

-Archana Shivan