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Challenges faced by Researchers in M&E and how TYM helps tackle them

To the reader: I know this is a pitch for my product and a researcher’s challenges are much much more than this, but this blog has been written keeping in mind the challenges my team and I have faced while implementing a project and have built a solution to solve just that!  

With the growing relevance of the social sector in driving decision making in both the public and private sectors, there is a need to make research affordable for the citizens who seek to bring about informed learning outcomes. This is because an inclusive research forms the bedrock of a society that wants its people to thrive socially, economically, politically, etc.

A researcher who decides to conduct research grapples with the problem of inadequate resources. They either wait for foreign donors for funding or abandon the research altogether. Sometimes, the researcher also limit their scope for research when facing a resource crunch. All these problems make the research limited, less impactful and also weaken the morale of the researcher. 

Outline India has substantially solved this problem by launching TRACK YOUR METRICS (TYM) which is the savior application for researchers who face a resource crunch. TYM helps in creating customized surveys by providing 34 sub-sectors (Education. Health, etc.), 130 key performance indicators et al. We also have readymade surveys with over 12,000 questions and the number keeps growing. 

TYM is pocket-friendly and provides a 1-month free trial. 

TYM also gives an edge to its users by doing regular assessments. Therefore, TYM serves as the auditor for researchers & NGOs. 

On the TYM portal, data can be accessed on a real-time basis which makes course-correction easy. A supervisor of a program or a project can easily check whether the inputs of research are providing suitable outcomes or not. In an era of Industry 4.0, course-correction on a real-time basis becomes indispensable. We help in saving time due to such features in a market where time is money.

Therefore, by providing tools for survey formulation, data collection, data visualization, and report generation, evaluation, etc. TYM covers the A to Z of research work in a pocket-friendly way. TYM is the most important armor for researchers today who face the adversities of time, finances, among other things.

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