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Global Action on Poverty

Global Action on Poverty (GAP) accelerates the impact produced by a set of “Changemakers”, who are working to bring people out of poverty through a myriad of ways.

Saarthi Education


We aim at improving the quantity and quality of parents involvement with their child as they believe it will positively impact child’s achievement, including learning outcomes.

Think Sharp


Empower rural communities by providing infrastructure, resources and training to support and improve learning outcomes of students and enhance the digital way of learning by establishing StudyMall in villages.


Lakshyam is an NGO that works to contribute towards betterment of the society with a focus on child education, holistic child development and women empowerment.


Georgetown Global Consulting (GGC) is a nonprofit run by Georgetown University students that works to help NGOs worldwide solve problems so that they can get continue doing their work at the grassroots level.


NeoFusion Creative Foundation is a nationally certified Non-Profit Organisation, which aims to work with adolescent children, school dropouts and the unemployed youth of India, empowering them to live their dream of being transformed and lead sustainable lives by aligning their passion and career choices.

Ashta Na Koi


Ashta No Kai aims to make a difference in rural women’s lives by providing them education, vocational skills, and resources they need to become economically  self-reliance.

U & I


U&I Teach invests in children from underprivileged backgrounds with courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. It believes and aims at holistic learning for children.


Five splash Infotech aims to make your business more efficient and effective with our domain expertise, well-trained teams and the latest technological support


Skill Development

Project Kayakalp aims to empower traditional puppeteers and expand their income generation possibilities by making their art relevant to contemporary audiences.